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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Torbay & South Devon

All your needs covered for commercial carpet cleaning by crystal clean torbay

Do you currently employ a professional commercial carpet cleaning service?

At Crystal Clean Carpet Cleaning all we do is clean carpets, upholstery and Leather in the Torbay area, so unlike general office cleaners we invest a lot of time and money on the best training and the best equipment to get the job done better, to a higher standard and often much safer.

We provide commercial carpet cleaning services with attention to detail that sets us above the rest. We give better results and faster drying times, which in turn gives you a healthier environment for you and your staff.


Would you like your office carpets cleaned and usable immediately?  Crystal clean can provide an out-of-hours service ( No down time and little disruption, leaving you to continue with your daily tasks ) 

  • Protect your staff with a healthy working environment. 

  • Convenient appointments to suit your schedules.

  • Crystal Clean Comply with ALL Health & Safety requirements.

Do your hotel or Bed and breakfast carpets need a deep clean?  Keeping a hotel or B&B carpets clean can be difficult due to high foot traffic and turnover of customers, Crystal Clean Carpet Cleaning Torquay  understand this and can help, with a weekly maintenance clean of either communal areas or a couple of rooms a week on rotation, we can keep your carpets cleaned to a high standard with little disruption, leaving you with a cleaner environment, better reviews and more repeat business.
Crystal clean have been providing carpet and upholstery cleaning for Hotels, B&B's and many other venues in the Torbay, Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and surrounding South Devon area's for over 10 years.

Do the school carpets need cleaning safely using solutions safe for children? (Our cleaning methods & selected solutions are safe for children and the environment, providing a healthier cleaner place for your children to study and learn) 

Restaurant carpets deep cleaned (food and drink spills treated) (One thing a customer notices when they step in to any eating establishment is cleanliness.  Keeping the carpets and upholstery in any restaurant clean will not go unnoticed by your customers, leading to better reviews and recommendations increasing your popularity & turnover) 

Pub and club carpets in need of a deep clean? (Pubs and clubs can become notorious for sticky, dirty & smelly carpets, after all it's not unknown for customers to spill their drinks as the walk from the bar to their seats, A sticky residue known as "Black top" is a build up of sugary spillages that can be difficult to remove, Beer, wine and spirits all soaked deep in the carpet.  

Crystal clean have the knowledge and ability to clean and restore your pub/club/bar carpets giving your venue a fresh clean feeling)

We carry a full selection of equipment to enable us to get the job completed right first time, every time. 


  • Low moisture cleaning  

  • Encapsulation cleaning  

  • Hot water extraction cleaning 

  • Maintenance cleaning

  • We are fully trained and diverse in many methods.

We provide a professional service and our attention to detail sets us above the rest. We give better results and faster drying times, which in turn lets you get back to your daily routine faster. 


We know we can put a smile on your face with the results of our carpet cleaning service.

For a free quotation or if you have any queries regarding any of your commercial cleaning needs call Crystal Clean on 07919 115516 or 01803 456065.

  • Hotel carpets

  • Hotel headboard cleaning

  • Office carpet cleaning

  • Doctors surgery

  • Hospitals

  • Health clinics

  • Spa's

  • Churches

  • Theatre's

  • Meeting rooms 

  • Restaurant carpet cleaning 

  • Pubs

  • Clubs

  • Bars

  • Cinemas 

  • Nursing Homes

  • Care homes

  • Churches

  • Schools

These are just a few examples of the types of clientele we already clean for. Let us add you to our list.


We can work out a maintenance programme for you with areas of different traffic levels being cleaned at different intervals.


Call crystal Clean to find out how we clean and why we believe we are the right company for you.

Restaurant carpet clean, crystal clean Torbay
What we can provide for you.





Providing excellent value for money at very competitive prices. 




Our service is of the highest quality using the latest environmentally friendly carpet care Solutions & equipment available




We constantly provide a dependable service that customers trust and rely on. (Our reviews speak for themselves) 

Crystal Clean Carpet Cleaning commercial services include.


  • Hotel Carpet cleaning.

  • Headboard cleaning.

  • Restaurant carpet cleaning.

  • Office floor cleaning.

  • Clubs.

  • Cinemas.

  • Theatres.

  • Meeting rooms.

  • Regular Maintenance Cleaning.

  • Out of Hours Cleaning.


We have worked on premises as diverse as:


    (Echo centre Torquay)

    (Zig-Zags centre Torquay)


The Key Benefits of our Commercial Carpet Cleaning:


Crystal Clean are Local based Commercial Carpet Cleaning specialists and will provide you with a thorough service to enable you to:

  • Welcome clients and visitors to your premises with pride.

  • Save money by extending the life of your carpets.

  • Protect your staff with a healthy working environment.

  • Convenient appointments to suit your schedules.

  • Comply with ALL Health & Safety requirements.

Commercial carpet cleaning, crystal clean Torbay, Hotels, B&B, offices.
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