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Carpet Stain Removal Torbay, Paignton & South Devon

  • Wine spill on a new carpet ? 

  • Nail varnish spilt on the bedroom floor ?

  • Make-up stains that simply won't come out ?

  • The baby or Toddler has had a small accident ?  

DON'T PANIC...  Simply Call 07919 115516  Now and speak to someone who can help..

At Crystal Clean carpet cleaning Torquay, we understand that accidents happen and we are just as happy to arrive at your home to treat a spillage or stain as we are to clean a carpet or suite. From pet stains to coffee, from chewing gum to makeup and red wine, we have dealt with many stains, we always spend plenty of time on our hands and knees making sure that we have done our best to treat the stains before we leave.

Please refrain from attacking any stain with the first thing you grab from under the sink, sometimes this can make removal more difficult.

Our spot and stain removal service covers Torbay, Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, Totnes, Newton Abbot, Teignmouth and all surrounding south Devon areas..
Most spot and stain removal services are charged by the hour as unfortunately we simply can't guarantee how long a stain will take to remove until we start working on it. Please call us for a friendly informal chat to discuss your requirements and we will assist the best we can. call on : 07919-115516
Crystal clean unfortunately can't guarantee removal of all spots and stains as there are many variable factors involved.

Professional carpet stain removal service by Crystal clean Carpet cleaning
Professional carpet stain removal and protection Torquay

When it comes to stain removal, it’s no use applying the same cleaners to differing fibres or fabrics. This won’t remove all stains. A stain is caused when a strong coloured product or food is ingrained onto material and no matter how hard you try, you can still see that stain.

Crystal Clean has spent many years studying fabrics and the best ways to remove stains from individual fibres and fabrics.

We are at expert level, so you can trust us to make sure all stains are removed where possible (unless it’s a permanent stain of course).

Our aim is to make your carpets cleaner and healthier, than you ever imagined they could be.


Crystal Clean carpet cleaning use of one of the most complete professional stain and spot removal kits available today. This includes a comprehensive range of Solution Microsplitters & Bio-Based, 100% Biodegradable, Non Flammable Solvents For Spot, Stain and Chewing Gum Removal.

The Eco-Friendly, Safe & Effective Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Solutions..Please remember though that not all stains can be removed and we will advise each customer individually upon assessment of the stains in question.

Crystal clean use Eco-Friendly solutions

Pet stains are particularly tricky for householders and they require additional specialist treatment and are very difficult to remove. This includes urine neutralisation which standard carpet cleaning does not do as it requires specific, targeted treatment and deodorising specific to body fluids. It is most important to call us quickly in the event of a spill etc, if the stain is left too long the damage may become permanent.


We would recommend that you do not use anything from your kitchen cupboard that contains bleach, many of the the products, sprays etc, that can be obtained from the local supermarket contain bleach. Check the contents on the side of cans. Please feel free to call for advice, its free!!.

Carpet Protection, (scotchgard, Nano Protect, etc)

Have you considered having your carpets protected against the every day accidents and spills that can occur in a busy household? Do you have children or pets who before you know it will have an accident ? Be it a small spill or some dropped food , stain protection will give you the added benefit of tackling the problem with a greater chance of removing than an unprotected carpet or suite, and in the worst case scenario it will at the least give your professional cleaner a real chance of removal.

When the carpet fibre or fabric is suitable, We can apply a protector which will give you time to blot the spill up before it soaks into your carpet or upholstery.

Protecting your carpets and upholstery from stains is vital as it prevents your fabrics from rapidly absorbing spills and becoming permanent. It also helps to prevent your carpets from readily absorbing dirt on a day to day basis.

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Wine spill removal, nail varnish removal, crystal clean carpet cleaning Torbay
Carpet stain protection



We are happy to provide stain protection for old and new items and at competitive prices and we can protect brand new carpets for a lot cheaper than you would pay at a carpet retailer.


Crystal Clean use a new nano particulate fibre and fabric protection treatment, which can be used to protect Both carpet and upholstery from both dry and oil / water based soiling, the treatment when applied forms an invisible protective, UV stable, breathable barrier to the fibres.


Crystal Clean can also protect your carpets using Scotchgard, Branded carpet protection from the manufacturers of Scotchgard.


Please contact us for a FREE quote.

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