Crystal Clean Leather Cleaning & Care

It is recommended that your leather furniture be deep cleaned or professionally cleaned every 6 - 12 months depending on usage and colour; after all they are not cheap items to replace.

Cleaning of leather using incorrect products can be detrimental to the finish of your leather. Baby wipes, washing up liquid and other non-professional cleaning products cause residue build up and collect dirt which intern, starts to destroy the finish of the leather.

Crystal Clean are able provide a professional cleaning service for your leather items at a great price, with our knowledge and the best cleaning solutions available we can keep your leather looking and feeling great for much longer.
On-going maintenance cleaning (On high usage areas) in between deep cleans can be arranged by Crystal clean prolonging the life of your leather.

If you have just purchased new leather furniture we strongly advise that you apply a coat of Leather  Protection. (Contact us for details)

This will help in resisting dirt and stains and make future cleaning much more successful. It is particularly important if your leather is white, cream or pale coloured as this will help in resisting and removing dye transfer.

Crystal Clean can clean many types & Colours of leather, these include: 

  • Pigmented (protected, finished, coated)

We provide specialist leather cleaning on all types of leather products including:


  • Leather furniture (Suites, Footstalls, chairs)

  • Car interiors

  • Boat interiors 

  • Leather handbags 

  • Jackets 


Not to mention bags such as brief cases, golf bags & many others. 

Don't forget we are also experienced cleaners of many different types of Upholstery too.

Crystal Clean leather car interior cleaning & restoration

If the leather upholstery in your car requires some tender loving care to a clean and attractive condition then Crystal Clean can help.  

You can expect exceptional quality leather cleaning should you make the astute decision to hire our services. Crystal Clean pride ourselves in providing a service that is above the rest, armed with the correct equipment, solutions and expertise to deliver indomitable car & home leather cleaning service.

Crystal Clean are proud to use LTT leathercare products, the very best leather care products on the market, providing the most effective leather cleaning and care available.

All LTT products are manufactured to comply with the latest European REACH legislation ensuring the safety and quality of all ingredients used.  All LTT products are produced by leather technologists and scientists and are rigorously tested before leaving the factory. 

They are used on a daily basis by consumers and some of the best leather technicians throughout the world.

For all your leather cleaning needs contact Crystal Clean on 01803 456065 or 07919 115516 for a free no obligation quote.