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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

What Method of Carpet Cleaning do you use?

There are many different method of carpet cleaning.

At Crystal Clean Carpet Cleaning we believe the best results are achieved with Hot water extraction.

The Method which we go through is as follows:

1) We pre vacuum your carpets to remove any surface soils,

2) We Clean right up to and round the edges of your carpet.

3) We pre spray your carpet with a special solution to break down, fats & grime, it help to break down soils in the carpet.

4) We agitate the pre spray into the carpet to help the solution work, we will do this by using a motorised brush.

5) We leave the Solution to work, this time may be 10 mins or half and hour, it depends on the type and amount of soil

6) A high Pressure hot water extraction. This injects a rinse agent into your carpet, the powerful vacuum then removes any soils, solutions and stains from your carpet cleaving them dry within hours!

7) We will turn our attention to any specialist stain removal that did not come out as part of the cleaning process

8) Finally, we will reset the carpet pile to allow correct, proper and efficient drying.Is it true that once you have had your carpet cleaned they get dirtier quicker?

Many years ago when cleaning by shampoo was the normal way that people tackled carpet cleaning themselves, this was true. However the chemicals and Cleaning Machines are much more sophisticated these days therefore (providing the carpet cleaning is carried out correctly) rapid re-soiling shouldn't take place. At Crystal Clean Carpet Cleaning we use powerful machines to extract any cleaning residues which can cause rapid re-soiling of the carpet.

Does the property matter if it is furnished or unfurnished?

We are more than happy to move and replace some items of furniture (This is discussed with the customer before the clean), we do however ask you move any small items of clutter from the rooms/areas due to be cleaned.

We are happy for you as the client to provide us with measurements, however we may need to confirm these measurements upon arrival before work starts.

How long does the cleaning process typically take?

The time that Carpet Cleaning takes will vary from customer to customer, and will depend on how much furniture there is to move and the soiling/staining of the carpet.How long will my carpet/suite take to dry?

We expect most carpets to be touch dry within 2 – 4 hours, however it is impossible to suggest a complete drying time for carpets, there are so many different factors which affect the speed at which materials dry. However, all fabrics should be completely dry within a few hours and in many cases a substantial amount quicker than this.

Do you use chemicals to clean?

At Crystal Clean we are very aware of the green issues concerning our environment, We offer a range of Cleaning methods using an eco-friendly ' natural range' of cleaning products. It is important to remember the context of the word 'chemical' Every cleaning solution contains chemicals. Water in itself is a chemical.

This is the main basis upon the solution which carpet cleaners use - A cleaning chemical diluted within water to create the cleaning solution required.

Will all the stains come out?

In many cases most of the stains will be removed from the carpet cleaning process. Although some stains may need more specialist treatment to remove them. In some circumstances, it may be impossible to remove a stain from the carpet. Crystal Clean would always recommend contacting a professional before attempting any stain removal yourself.

Do you use steam?

We have a range of Carpet Cleaning Methods which include the 'Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method' Also known as steam cleaning. Great care should be taken when using steam to clean carpets, some times it may be necessary to use a far 'cooler' cleaning solution to stop the carpet shrinking or loosing shape.

A professional carpet cleaner should identify this before cleaning begins.Should I Invest in after-care products such as Scotch Guard?

Crystal Clean Carpet Cleaning is committed to providing its customers with factual information about carpet care. In some cases we may suggest applying a stain guard treatment to you carpet, however this will depend on several factors specific to your carpet.

Give us a call on 07919115516 for more information on after care products.

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