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Carpet spotting Do's and Don't's ...

The most important thing to remember is . . . DON’T PANIC!

Taking the wrong action can turn a simple spot into a permanent stain.

Therefore, there are some actions you should never take.

This tends to be our first reaction. It helps us feel like we’re accomplishing something. But it’s dangerous for two reasons:(1) It spreads the spot. (2) Aggressive agitation can permanently distort carpet fibres.

Wool carpet fibres are especially easy to distort, or fuzz-out.There is no one miracle spotter that will work on everything. Every spot has its own particular chemistry. What may remove one spot will turn another type of spot into a permanent stain. Before using any cleaning solutions or products on your carpet, perform a test for colour-fastness.

Do this by applying the solution or product to a clean white cotton cloth and blotting it repeatedly on a hidden area of carpet. If any colour transfers to the cloth, or any discolouration occurs on the carpet, DO NOT USE THIS CLEANING PRODUCT ON YOUR CARPET.

Do not pour cleaning solution or water on the spot unless you have a wet-vacuum to immediately extract the liquid. When a spot is doused with liquid, gravity will carry the spot and all the added liquid downwards into the carpet backing. Once the spot absorbs into the backing, it will continue to wick-up to the surface even after repeated cleaning efforts.

Additionally, over wetting wool carpet can cause a water ring or a browning. If a water ring or a browning does occur, professional re-mediation will be necessary. We recommend having an emergency spotting solution to hand. (Available to purchase from Crystal Clean)

The key to successful spot removal is quick response. When the spot or spill is fresh, your chances of avoiding a permanent stain are greatly increased. Home remedies abound when it comes to treating spots and spills. However, some spotting agents that work well on clothing or synthetic carpet are disastrous for wool carpet. If you are not careful, you can end up with wool carpet that is purple, frizzy or bald!

Nevertheless, there are some basic, common sense steps that you can take:

1. Remove any type of solid on the surface of the carpet by scooping with a nylon spatula or similar instrument.

2. BLOT (do not rub) with absorbent white cotton towel to remove excess liquid before commencing spot treatment. If the spill is large, use a wet-vacuum to vacuum up as much of the spill as possible. (Do not use your regular household vacuum, it will be ruined. A wet-vacuum is designed specifically to vacuum up liquids.)

3. Apply spot removal agent to white cotton towel, not directly to carpet. Use small quantities at a time. More isn’t better.

4. Gently BLOT (do not rub) the spot with the cleaning product. Repeat until no more of the spot transfers into your towel.

5. Always work inward from the edge of the spot to prevent spreading.

6. Perform a final BLOTTING by placing a clean white towel over the affected area of carpet and applying pressure on it.

No carpet is immune to certain types of stains. Stains that typically can be troublesome to remove include:

  • Acid toilet bowl cleaners

  • Acne medication

  • Alkaline drain cleaners

  • Bleach

  • Cleaning products with bleach

  • Furniture stain

  • Hair dyes

  • Highlighters/Markers

  • Iodine

  • Insecticides

  • Mustard with turmeric

  • Plant fertilizers

These products, and other similar products, permanently alter the carpet’s colour or destroy carpet fibre.

For spot and stain emergencies please call Crystal Clean Carpet Cleaning on 07919 115516. Or 01803 456065.Please visit for further information.