Crystal clean Fogging and disinfection service

Crystal clean are currently only working in empty properties, we will only work where we can conform to strict safe Covid-19 distancing regulations, This is to protect our customers and ourselves.


Fogging produces micro-droplets of disinfectant and biocides that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application.

Dispersing these micro-droplets into the air means the solution is able to reach areas that could not otherwise be reached by conventional cleaning methods. 100% less chance of cross contamination as you would get with wiping using cloths.

Studies show application by aerosol significantly reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens, treating the surface and the air, when compared to manual surface cleaning alone.

Physical symptoms of being ill can often lead to increased distribution of pathogens, with highly contagious cases, speed is of the essence, rapid ULV fogging and disinfection can quickly break the chain and combat infection outbreak landing on surfaces and hard to reach places which can lead to further spreading of viruses and bacteria.

If you have a Pub, Bar, Restaurant, Hotel, Office space and feel a complete deep disinfectant fogging of the area with a EN-14476 approved solution that it kills 99.9999% of microbes will be beneficial to yourselves and your workers or customers before you re-open call: Crystal Clean Carpet Cleaning Torbay on 07919-115516 now.

The product we use is residually efficacious, which means it keeps killing after application for up to a week.

There are a number of companies claiming to be able to “100% kill the Coronavirus COVID-19”. Please note this is misinformation. COVID-19 is an enveloped virus, and at present there has not been enough testing on any products to enable them to be certified to break this specific envelope. A professional cleaning company or chemical supplier should NEVER make this guarantee until scientific testing has 100% confirmed a solution is capable of doing so.


For all work carried out by Crystal Clean Carpet Cleaning, we will follow the advise and guidance as laid out by the government, The World Health Organisation and the Centres for Disease Control & Prevention.

On our visit, all smoke alarms will be covered or de-activated by the client. Then we execute our Fogging service to decontaminate as much as possible any internal space.


In addition, we have:
– have anti-bacterial gel and wipes on their vans.
– will wear gloves and protective clothing as appropriate.
– will no longer ask you to sign any device/paperwork. 
– All payments are due directly upon completion and payment is by bank transfer only.
– will ask you to remain 7ft or 2 metres away upon our arrival and to have nobody in the work area at all times to minimise contact.

1) Are your disinfecting products legal/ have MSDS/ fight viruses?

Yes, our products are designed for antiviral and bactericidal we only use tested and recommended products to use with wet foggers, all of them are declared to work against viruses and bacteria. We use only recommended dilutions in specific conditions.


2)Are your products harmful to people or animal?

No, the products are not toxic and are not harmful to people, can cause irritation, therefore, we ask people to be absent. Some of the products can even be used in presence of people/ animals.









ANTI-VIRAL EN14476 LOG KILL 4.33 = 99.99%

ANTI-FUNGAL EN1650 LOG KILL 6 = 99.9999%


3) What is preventive fogging?

It is fog agent / disinfectant aimed in creating a coating on exterior surfaces, the product is non toxic but may create a visible film. The film wears over time, usually lasts for 7-14 days if not rinsed with water. In order to remove the film, wipe it off.


4) Will fogging make my place sterile?

Fully sterile conditions require highly advanced, medical purpose fogger and dehumidifier to control pre and post fogging condition- we do not have medical grade equipment. Our method aims in supporting every day disinfection by reducing risk of transmission.